Advanced Learner Loans

Aged 19-23 and already have a Level 3 qualification?

Aged 24 or over and thinking about a Level 3 or Level 4 course?

If you are starting a course on or after 1st August 2018 you may qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan. These loans help you to pay the tuition fees charged by the College. It’s easy to apply, your household income isn’t taken into account and there’s no credit check. You won’t have to pay anything back until your income is over £25,000 a year and repayments do not start until April 2020 or the April of the year following the course end. If your loan is for an Access Course and you progress to complete a Higher Education programme, you will not have to pay back your FE loan – it is written off!

To qualify you must be:

  • Aged 19-23 and already have a Level 3 qualification
  • Aged 24 or over on the first day of your course (there is no upper age limit)
  • Living in the UK on the first day of your course and have lived in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for three years immediately before this
  • Enrolling on an eligible course at Level 3 or Level 4 which includes; A Levels, Access to HE Diplomas, other Diplomas and Certificates, Advanced Apprenticeships or Higher Apprenticeships




You will not have to make any repayments until your income is over £25,000 a year. In addition, students who progress from an Access to Higher Education Diploma course to complete a Higher Education Degree can have their outstanding 19+ Advanced Learning Loan for the Access course written off.


You can apply online or download an application form from

To apply you will need to be issued a Learning and Funding letter by admissions, this is normally issued prior to your enrolment

Making the right choice

It’s important you consider your own circumstances and look into all the options for paying your course before choosing to take out a loan. You can get independent financial advice from the Money Advice Service at

More information Can be found at:

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