Art and Design

We met three of our Art and Design Students and asked them about their course and studying at Carshalton College;


Jonathan, Maisie and Brandon are all studying the UAL Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art & Design.







The Diploma includes modules on 

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Life Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Textiles
  • Fashion
  • Ceramics
  • History of Art and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • 3D Design
  • Multimedia and Digital Photography

What is your favourite part of the course?

Jonathan replied "My favourite part of the course has to be the fact that I get to experiment with a variation of meduims and also the fact that I get to complete my final project in my own specialism which is Portrait drawing."

Maisie added "Just having the support  from the tutors and being able to use my skills to the best of my abilities."


Is College life very different to studying at school?

Jonathan replied

"College is more serious when progressing from school but this course is pure coursework which I prefer to having exams. I would tell anyone thinking of choosing a College to study at to take your time and pick a course you want and you will always have assistance throughout your course from tutors and support staff."

Maisie said "Yes, very, I get more individual support and the facilities are so much better. The tutors are so nice and supportive. I would go for it if you are thinking of applying for a course at a College, this is the best course I have been on and I will miss it so much when I leave."

Brandon added "It's fun and different to school."


What opportunities are available at College?

Maisie replied "Being able to go on lots of educational trips and having the opportunity to ask for help and using a range of new materials. "

Brandon added "The trips and the chance to join the Pulse Health and Fitness Centre and use the gym facilities."


What are your plans after completing your College course?

Jonathan said "This Diploma has given me the chance to go to University and study Illustration."

Brandon added "I hope to study Interior Design at University." 


Sutton Alleyways 'Live' Art Project

Jonathan was one of our students involved in the Sutton Alleyways Project in 2017.


Our Art and Design and Media students were excited to have their design work displayed as the The Sutton Alleyways ‘Live’ Art Project was completed and officially unveiled on Wednesday 22 June 2017.

The project involved year 2 Level 3 Art and Design  students creating a mural, celebrating Artists, Musicians and Writers of Sutton and a light installation, reflecting futuristic shop signs by Media students. The designs were brought to life and painted on the alleyway by artist Mateusz J Odrobny.

College Principal, Peter Mayhew-Smith, joined the students and tutor Annette Vigurs to unveil the mural oppoiste Argos in Sutton High Street and said "This is the coolest thing in Sutton and the work that has been done to transform this alleyway is phenomenal."

Sutton Council contacted Annette, UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design Course Tutor, to ask local students to be involved in this regeneration project of certain parts of Sutton town centre. Briefs were given to Art & Design students to create a mural and Media students to create an illuminated sign for the Sutton’s town centre alleyways.



The first brief outlined the theme to reflect Sutton’s history and for the Art & Design students to focus on celebrating artists, musicians and writers linked to Sutton, titled ‘The Creatives of Sutton’.

In September 2016, 11 students visited Sutton to meet the client, Manmohan Dayal, Area Renewal Projects Manager for Sutton Council and Hugh McEwen from the architectural firm in charge of the project.


With their cameras, sketchbook and pencils the first step was to photograph the site and area and look at other art around the town. Based on their theme, the students decided to design a mural including 5 artists; Joan Armatrading, Quentin Crisp, Katie Melua, The Rolling Stones and HG Wells. These poets, musicians and writers all have either lived or produced work in Sutton.


Hugh visited the College to spend 4 workshop sessions developing their ideas and originals sketches along with Annette their course tutor. The challenge was for each student to create an individual piece of artwork and then to merge the 11 pieces together into a flowing mural in the form of dreamlike imagery to reflect the chosen Sutton artists. The mural design has been given to go ahead  by the council  and is now being painted onto one of the alleyway walls by a contract company. The students involved were Daisie- Rose Billson, Chinonye Chiwuzie, Teona Davies, Michael Farquharson, Lyric Fletcher, Shane Henry-Carberry, Daisy Jenkins, Gemma Kimberley, Jonathan Prabaharan,  Amber Wenham and Ronnie Wilson.


Annette spoke about the project 

"These students are from the Level 3 -UAL Extended Diploma in Art and Design. The students are in their second year of this general art and design course and now working on their specialisms which they do mainly in their second year. The majority are going on to  university to study an art course (either Illustration, Fine Art, Architecture, Photography or Theatrical Make Up). Having the opportunity to work on this live brief for Sutton has been a fantastic opportunity for them. 



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