Danny Bailey, 28, enrolled at Carshalton College in 2016 on the CSkills Level 1 Diploma in Bricklaying and is a fantastic example of learning a trade and gaining a qualification at any stage of life.


Danny messed around at school and on leaving education has spent years unemployed and working as a part time labourer for local companies and completing manual work for friends, but a health issue made Danny realise he needed to take things a bit more seriously.


At a young age Danny was diagnosed with a blood disorder that affects one or more parts of the blood and prevents the blood from doing its job. The effect of the disorder worsened and Danny was admitted for chemotherapy. It was then that Danny decided it was the right time to go back to education and gain qualifications to help him build a career and travel.


Danny’s dad is a bricklayer and his family are in the building trade so a bricklaying course was a natural choice. Danny is now on the CSkills Level 2 Diploma and studying at College Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays while continuing to work part time. Talking about taking this opportunity to gain a vocational qualification, Danny said


“This is the best time to get into the bricklaying trade as the industry is in need of qualified bricklayers. A skills shortage in the sector is making it hard for building companies to meet the demand for building work. The College has been a great place to study and my tutor, Sean, has taught me everything I needed to further my knowledge and skills as a bricklayer.”


The CSkills Diplomas in Bricklaying teach learners how to build and repair walls, chimney stacks, tunnel linings and decorative stonework. When leaving College, students progress to working on day-to-day tasks including measuring the work area, setting out bricks and the damp course, mixing mortar, building the bricks in a structure, shaping and trimming bricks using hammers, chisels and power tools, checking that courses are straight using spirit levels and plumb lines and refurbishing brickwork and masonry on restoration projects.


Danny Collage

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