Dead on Time

Dead on Time 21 March, 2018

Our Level 3 Public Services students were given the opportunity to participate in a day of forensic science organised with Thinkers in Education on Tuesday 6 March.


This involved examining a carefully constructed real life forensic scenario which offered a realistic learning experience for our students.


The day covered a number of activities including:


  • Theory of different techniques and how to use them to investigate a crime scene.
  • Practicing the different techniques, i.e. finger printing.
  • Mocked up crime scene where the students investigated and collected samples.
  • Producing a crime scene report on their findings.


What our students said about the day:

“This was a very enlightening experience. I really enjoyed getting some first-hand experience of the methods used in CSI”.

Sean Flynn

“Very enjoyable and intriguing. I have learned many new things while having fun. It is very interesting seeing how real life cases are resolved. Would definitely do it again”.

Viktoria Bukachenslea

“Very hands on, felt like I was working towards something. Great topic as everyone has different opinions. I like how we actually go to the crime scene. Would recommend to others”.

Luke Baker

“I enjoyed the competitive element of it and how real everything is. I liked the practical element of learning and the team work and problem solving”.


“I have learned a new set of skills and it has opened my eyes to other options in a career”.

Drew Kench

“I think this event was really good and I have learnt new skills. I think people who want to go into public services should do this as it helps you a lot”.


“I thought today was a lot of fun; it was very intense and competitive. I learnt a lot about CSI and new information. I challenged myself! Thanks”.

Shani Baldwin

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