High Praise for our English Team Leader

High Praise for our English Team Leader 30 June, 2020

We are so proud of our teaching staff that we wanted to share a testimonial from one of our students who contacted us during lockdown.


 Hi Julia,


Really hope you and your family are well!

I've wanted to email for a while but struggled a) to get on to the email b) to find the words to write without sounding like a sob story (ironic as you're my english teacher).

When in your class my passion for English and writing was allowed to flourish, my technicality has never been on point but I never felt like I was put down for it, instead I felt like I was being taught what I could do to not only improve my grade but my writing pieces too, which do mean alot to me.

I can not read a chapter book and I was always told that because I couldn't and didn't read I'd never get a good grade, never succeed in English as a subject since being in your classes I've raved to everyone about how much I love English and quite frankly that's down to you because you let my confidence grow and always saw the good in my work as well as teaching me to work on the less good bits.

Since going into lockdown, as stupid and geeky as I'm going to sound I've really struggled with the idea that I would not be able to do my English exam, excel to my full potential, prove my previous teachers wrong and show what I could truly do and how I could struggle with English and yet still succeed in it.


The point of this email is not for a sob story or to sound like a massive geek but I do want to say that because of you I've started writing again at home, I've started reading poem books (I find them easier to process and read) and although I have not been completing the work you've sent I know that English is something that I have a passion for and if I'm not happy with my grade (I'm desperate for the 7 but I don't think without these exams I will be able to achieve that) then I can revisit it with the same fire in my belly that you gave me the tools to ignite.

You are an absolutely amazing teacher and I can not thank you enough for giving me the tools to let my passion for English flourish despite my struggles.


So thank you and I hope you get a pay rise after all this. I could not have asked for a better teacher!


With thanks and very kind regards


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