Some Harsh Lessons Learned at the Safe Drive Show

Some Harsh Lessons Learned at the Safe Drive Show 07 December, 2018

In November 75 of our students from Media, Plumbing, Beauty Therapy and Bricklaying boarded 2 coaches to Dorking Halls for this year’s Safe Drive Stay Alive Tour show.


The event hosts 500 other young people from across Surrey sharing a hard-hitting message which was widely well received.


Safe Drive Stay Alive is an innovative theatre education project, exploring the circumstances and consequences of road traffic collisions. Through videos of peoples personal stories and television safety adverts from around the world which are interwoven with testimonies from first responders such as paramedics, fire and rescue services and the police as well as from people who have been personally affected by road traffic collisions.


“Students found it to be a very emotional day and after speaking with them said they would think twice before getting into a car with somebody who was over the influence. They all agreed that they enjoyed the experience and believed that if what they learnt could save one life, then then it was worth it”. 

Seán P.Henry Tutor Bricklaying


“It was a good and very emotional day. It really made me think about the risks of driving and your responsibility in the car”. 

Pheonix Hanton, 17 Level 1 Media Student


It was a real shock, when we entered, it was like a party with load music and lights flashing, then it suddenly stopped and we heard stories from The Police, Paramedics and a Fireman. I had never thought about car accidents from their perspective before and the effect it has on them. I will be a careful driver when I pass my test”.

Amba Collins .16 Level 1 Media Student

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