Spotlight on B.A. Early Childhood & Education Degree

Spotlight on B.A. Early Childhood & Education Degree 02 April, 2019

Emma Duke is studying for a BA in Early Childhood and Education Degree at Carshalton College.


Why did you choose to enrol/study at Carshalton College?

I was impressed with the presentation delivered to my cohort at the end of my Foundation Degree. The structure of the course and the locality was a big selling point.


Why did you choose your particular course?

I chose this course to complete my full BA degree. I am also keen to follow the pathway into Teaching. It is a relevant degree to the age range I was working with at the time.


What was your first impression of the College?

To begin with I was a little nervous at being a mature student amongst a young community in the college. However, the staff were reassuring and professional and very soon any nerves were put at ease. The staff around the college were very helpful and the young community were an inspiration. My view was, if they can do it, then so can I.


What was the most enjoyable aspect of course?

The discussions, debates and interactive activities during our lectures, brought our learning to life. These rich experiences enabled me to think outside the box and deepen my thought processes during my written work. 


How did you find the teaching and level of support from tutors?

The teaching level was very high with a broad skill set across the department. The wealth of knowledge from the staff stood out which influenced the depth of my assignments. The lecturers were incredibly supportive and always on hand to offer advice and inspiration.


How did you manage to fit in the study around your work and family life?

I was blessed with an incredibly supportive family. My husband learned to cook and my children become more independent. My 11-year-old son even started his own dissertation on his favourite football team. With these influences on my family, I was able to study with a view that my degree was having a positive impact. I managed my time by working to a time-table. I made sure I built in family time, which I valued and appreciated more then ever.


What are your goals/plans for the future or your next study/career options?

My dream is to work as a Reception class teacher. I have worked for many years in a Nursery and feel my natural progression is to work with children as they approach their early learning goals. The cherry on the cake would be to obtain my QTS with a view to potentially studying for my Masters at a later date.


Do you have any advice for other potential students looking to enrol on your course?

This is a journey where I not only achieved something to be very proud of but I learned a lot about myself. I have grown in confidence and view life very differently. My advice is believe you can and you will. Have self-belief and take the jump, where you land will be so worth it.

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