The Grief Preacher Returns

The Grief Preacher Returns 27 November, 2018

We were thrilled to invite Jamie Denyer back to Carshalton College again after the positive feedback from both staff and learners on previous visits.   Jaime is a motivational speaker who specialises in inspirational talks and workshops for young people.  


He carries an empowering message on how to take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. Inspiring, motivating and encouraging them to make the most of their education, and appreciate those around them that are important to them, such as family and friends.


Jamie delivered ten workshops to our learners over two days, reaching almost 500 learners.


We asked a few of our learners what they would take away from listening to Jaime.  Here are just a few of their comments.

 “You can always turn a negative into a positive no matter what”.

“You can become anything you want”.

“To love everyone around you and to respect people more”.

 “Appreciate the life you have and make the most of it”.

“Life will challenge you; you will choose if it will break you or make you”.

“Respect others around you and think about the consequences (of your actions) beforehand”.

“That I need to start appreciating my family more”.

“Think twice and giving value to other things”.


Rehaad Ali one of our student ambassadors shared his comments after talking with Jaime.  "Jaime was such an inspirational speaker.  There was so much I would take away from his talk such as life is a like a game, you will lose some you will win some, there will be always be obstacles that will come to challenge you in life. If you can overcome these obstacles, then you win the game and that means you are achieving something, you learn from your mistakes.  You have to experience failure to appreciate the wins so don’t give up and just try your best".


Comments from our staff:

“Jaime was very inspirational and provided many points to take away to think about”.

“He was very engaging and the messages were very strong, the message about turning a negative into a positive was particullarly strong as the room was silent!”

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