How does college differ to Sixth Form?

You may be in Year 11 and wondering what your next step is. This is a big decision, probably the biggest decision you will make in your future education. One of the big questions is, do I stay on at sixth form or go to college and how is college different to school?

More Diverse - You will meet a diverse range of people at college from a variety of backgrounds, just like in the workplace.

Life Skills - College will help you prepare for real life, learning new skills that will come in handy whether you are planning to go to university or straight into employment.

More Independence - At school your teachers will chase you to get your work done, but at college they won’t quite so much; it is up to you to keep up-to-date. The more you put into your work the more you get out. You are expected to meet deadlines and work hard, just like any future employer would also expect, bridging the gap between school and university or a career.

Activities - There will be a range of sport and leisure opportunities on offer including clubs, activities and trips. You may also have access to a free gym.

Options - At college there are more vocational study options. A Levels don’t cater to everyone’s needs: explore what you enjoy and take a look at the courses on offer. Doing a vocational course can give you the skills to directly enter into a career. Check out our broad range of courses here.

Facilities - you can expect state-of-the-art facilities, for example, if you are studying hairdressing you will learn in a real working salon and even have clients.

More Informal - Colleges are generally a lot more informal than school, there are less rules to follow and you are treated like an adult.

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