Adam Wicks

Adam Wicks - Foundation Degree in Education and Learning


Wanting to become a Primary School Teacher was a natural progression for me from my youth work as a sports coach. I am currently a Teaching Assistant but my professional ambition is to be a fully qualified Teacher, that’s why I chose to do a Foundation Degree at Carshalton College as it allows me to study in the evening and at weekends whilst I continue to do my day job. It is great to study with like-minded people and share our work based experiences, but one of the biggest plus points for me is being able to apply what I learn at College back in the classroom. The teaching at Carshalton College is high quality and lessons are thoroughly planned and well researched. If you are a Teaching Assistant and you want to be a Teacher then go for it. The Foundation Degree allows you to work and learn at the same time and all the experience you gain at work helps you with your assignments.


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