What Questions Should you ask at Open Day?

When you are at an Open Day it is important to make the most of the day and have questions ready to ask teachers and students, see below our list of suggested questions:

What qualifications will I need for the course I want to apply for? You will need to know what level you should be applying for, and what GCSE grades you need to be aiming for or for 19+ what grades you need to have to start the course.

Will there be work experience opportunities available? Gaining work experience is really important and will be great to add to your CV when applying for a job, so it is worth asking if there will be opportunities available.

What does the course cover? The tutor can give you more detail on what the course you are interested in entails e.g. you may want a course with more practical work and it is important you are aware of this before you start the course.

Is it worth applying for more than one course? There may be two courses you are interested in; it is worth speaking to a tutor to see if you should be applying for more than one course.

Do I have to attend an interview to get on the course? Most courses you will need to interview for, you can ask the tutor how best to prep for this and when the interview will be, sometimes it may be possible to do this on the day.

What have previous students gone on to do for work / university after finishing this course? It is useful to know what your future steps could be after the course you are hoping to study has finished, what kind of jobs are available or university courses you can apply for.

What student support is available? You can talk privately to someone about your needs, colleges will offer personalised advice to help you reach your potential.

How do I apply? Sometimes it may be possible to apply on the day, if you can we recommend you do this as there will be staff available to help you with your application. See our ‘how do I apply’ page.

What extra-curricular activities are available? It is useful to know if you can pursue your hobbies whilst studying e.g. it may be important that where you are studying has a football team that you can join.

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