Prevent and British Values at Carshalton College

The Department of Education has published guidance on promoting British values in education to ensure young people leave college prepared for life in modern Britain. The four definitions of British values are as follows:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of Law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.


These values reflect those that the College promotes to all its learners through the Code of Conduct.  By actively promoting these values the College aims to:

  • Help students to become valuable and rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background
  • Ensure young people understand the importance of mutual respect and leave the College fully prepared for life in modern Britain
  • Celebrate difference and promote diversity
  • Encourage an understanding of the difficulties other cultures face where such values are not respected.


In order to enable this, the College will:

  • Provide staff development and training to enable them to support students’ understanding of these values
  • Ensure students have a voice that is listened to and valued and that a clear set of outcomes can be seen through the democratic process in College
  • Train the Student Union to promote democracy and British values to their fellow students
  • Utilise opportunities such as general elections and debates to promote British values and help students to argue and defend different points of view
  • Encourage student participation in working with the wider community and commemorating key events such as Holocaust Memorial Day and Armistice Day to gain an understanding of how British values have evolved
  • Encourage students to become responsible learners, critical thinkers  and to actively participate in their own learning and development
  • Promote British values through themed weeks, tutorials, and teaching sessions.


Activities the College uses to promote British Values


  1. Election of Course Representatives in every class
  2. Election of a Student Union
  3. Student led ‘LOOP’ web site rating of College activity and the annual LOOP Conference
  4. Focus groups in curriculum areas
  5. Termly ‘Hot seats’ on cross college themes with the Principal and senior managers
  6. Student surveys
  7. Elected Student Governors, who are active members of the College’s Corporation.


Rule of Law

  • Disciplinary policy and procedure
  • ABC procedures for Attendance, Behaviour and Commitment to Study
  • ID Badges and lanyards
  • Student / Staff Code Of Conduct 
  • College policies i.e. IT User Policy


Individual Liberty

  • Career and Employability workshops
  • Health and Wellbeing and Safeguarding tutorials and themes activity
  • ‘Prevent’ tutorials and workshops.


Mutual Respect

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Induction workshops
  • Enrichment tutorials and workshops
  • Anti-Bullying and Harassment policy
  • Annual calendar of events to celebrate difference and diversity


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

  • Enrichment tutorials and workshops
  • Quiet Contemplation room
  • Annual calendar of religious festivals
  • ‘Prevent’ tutorials and workshops
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