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The College has a strong commitment to including the views of staff and students to feature in strategic development over the coming years.  Our aims and objectives are contained in the strategy document below, together with our mission statement and a summary of our values.

Our Mission

We will provide ever higher standards of learning, teaching, support and success to a diverse and ambitious community of students and employers, securing progress for all and making Carshalton College a happy and rewarding place to be.

Our Values

VERSATILITY Our and our students’ ability to adapt to the world.

OPPORTUNITY Taking and making chances to progress and improve.

INCLUSION Securing the best for everyone in our community.

CHOICE Knowing our students and partners choose us over others.

EXCELLENCE Doing what we do very, very well.

Strategic Objectives

New College Group

  • Implement the merger, securing effciencies, achieving growth, improving the quality of provision and establishing effective working arrangements across the Group
  • Secure the visibility and engagement of leaders across the Group
  • Harmonise functions, systems, policies and arrangements where there are operational benefits
  • Establish effective Local Engagement Strategies for all Colleges within the Group
  • Develop a new strategic plan to drive the development of the Group 2018-2021
  • Establish the Group’s Governance and accountability arrangements in order to secure the best possible provision for students and employers
  • Develop an overarching HE strategy • Deliver management CPD to strengthen collaborative working and set common standards



  • Improve achievement rates for all classroom provision and attendance rates towards 90% across the Group
  • Improve English and Mathematics high grades to 30%
  • Raise Apprenticeship achievement rates to 80%
  • Ensure all students have personal achievement targets and 70% of them meet or exceed their target grades
  • Establish a single, robust system for supporting and developing teaching in place across the Group
  • Develop teaching, learning and assessment to make standards consistent and improving
  • Establish consistent, high quality arrangements for students across the Group


Business Development

  • Deliver £1m of new Apprenticeship business during 2017–18 in partnership with levy-paying employers
  • Develop new programmes for HE and HNS for 2018-19



  • Achieve our planned budget and plan a break-even position for our 2019-20 budget



  • Develop a full set of new contracts
  • Establish and populate all new structures
  • Put in place a whole-Group wellbeing action plan
  • Establish a talent programme to raise the involvement of under-represented groups in management roles



  • Integrate key systems across the Group effectively
  • Develop new course coding arrangements



  • Develop and begin the delivery of a Group estates strategy

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