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The College has a strong commitment to including the views of staff and students to feature in strategic development over the coming years.  Our aims and objectives are contained in the strategy document below, together with our mission statement and a summary of our values.


To ensure all our students and partners succeed and progress, making their prospects better. 


South Thames Colleges Group will be an exceptional Further and Higher Education provider, leading our sector in London and beyond. 

We will do this by excelling at what we do every day: delivering great outcomes for young people and adults of all backgrounds and abilities to make sure their life chances are improved. This will require exemplary teaching, learning and support, close partnership across the region and very well-managed resources with sustainable finances. 

We will base our work around our commitment to public service and all the values that come with it. 

We will make sure that people from all walks of life and all ability levels are welcome here and can thrive. We expect them all to commit to their learning, to achieve and then progress to the future of their choice. We will provide great resources, teaching and support to help them to do so. 

We will act as an effective partner, working with our stakeholders across South London to help them flourish, developing their work and expanding their businesses with us alongside them. We will engage with opportunities to grow, nationally, regionally and in our local neighbourhoods. 

And we will commit to high standards of employment practice, working closely with our colleagues to improve and develop the organisation, promoting wellbeing while we strengthen the Group’s performance. 

Six Key Targets

We will measure this success of this strategy over its three-year life-span. By the end of 2021, we will have achieved:

  1. Consistently good or better outcomes across the Group
  2. A proactive approach to wellbeing for staff and students
  3. Effective and comprehensive support for students’ development and progression
  4. Active engagement with partners, innovations and opportunities
  5. A review of our curriculum, with paths to growth and innovation identified
  6. Good or better financial health combined with substantial investment in our buildings



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